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Project news - Scarborough Beach Pool (click on images for full size)

Great place, great location - but not corrosion friendly.

Project details

  • Build Date: June 2015 – February 2018
  • Owner : City of Stirling
  • Location: Scarborough, Perth WA
  • Automatic door assessment


Scarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance

Scarborough Beach Pool has proved to be a great success for one of Perth’s most popular beach locations.

Some months ago Rubek was asked by the City of Stirling to investigate intermittent problems with all the automatic doors. All doors were out of warranty and costing significant amounts of money in repair costs. This should not happen with any automatic door operator that is just 2 years old.

Sadley, this is ~$50k of waste that could have and should have been avoided.

Scarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance
Scarborough Beach Pool Main EntranceScarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance

We found all doors to have corrosion, some worse than others. Exposure to salty air has had a dramatic effect on electronics, wiring and steelwork. It’s worth noting here that this won’t be limited to just automatic doors. It will affect any cable jointing and electronics exposed to salty air.

At Rubek we have a process all door operators go through that are destined for environments that cause excess corrosion. All steel is galvanised, bolts are stainless steel, circuit boards are conformal coated to seal components and solder joints. All cables are jointed in dielectric grease to stop joint corrosion and oxidisation traveling inside the insulation material.

In some instances we remove all electronics from the operator and relocate them to a sealed box placed away from the door operator. In the case of Scarborough Beach Pool two such operators facing the beach have been replaced with all electronics boxed and relocated with new Rubek Compact sliding door operators installed.


Scarborough Beach Pool Main EntranceScarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance


Scarborough Beach Pool lower lift doorScarborough Beach Pool lower lift door



With the City of Stirling, Rubek has embarked on a program of repair and replacement as and when each operator fails and is beyond repair. This allows them to minimise what should have been unnecessary cost but to have a proven solution moving forward.

If you have a project that uses automatic doors in salty or chemically corrosive environments, think Rubek. All our operators can be protected and we are the only automatic door company n Australia that does it. We believe that what we make should last long term and not be a service drain on your pocket.

Visit our web site at for more information or get in touch at 9302 3200, after all our help and experience is always free and could save you a great deal of financial pain and inconvenience

Scarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance

Scarborough Beach Pool Main Entrance

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