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Project news - New Qantas T3 International Terminal (click on images for full size)

Rubek Automatic Doors is pleased to advise the successful completion of the automatic doors for the new Qantas International Terminal T3


Security and reliability are key factors when deciding on doorway solutions for key infrastructure projects. A key reason why Rubek was again selected for the Perth Airport T3 expansion to cope with additional non-stop international travel to Europe.

Thirty six sliding door operators were installed in both the terminal and Qantas lounge upgrade.

The door below is an 11 metre Rubek Structural operator with doors weighing in at ~500kg. Its function is to separate the terminal for international and domestic travel. The operator and doors were specially designed and built to cope with the additional forces at play in this situation. With security paramount, all gaps are eliminated and safety fully maintained.

Rubek Automatic Doors is a specialist designer and manufacturer of automatic sliding doors. We over engineer and build them all to last.


Departures Door

Concourse Partition door


Architect : Noxon Giffen (NSW) & Sumu Design (NSW)
Builder : Perkins Builders (WA) & Byte Construction (WA)
Fabricator : Walshes Glass (WA)
Project Value : ~$25 million
Door operators : 36 Rubek Structural and Low Profile operators


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Being over engineered is another key reason architects and specifiers choose Rubek. Our products are inexpensive to run and they last long-term. We expect them to last the life of the buildings they are installed in.

We believe too many companies today seem to make products to fail in a predefined time span, either by design, through build quality or simply non-availability of parts. This is costing end users unnecessary financial pain and disruption. In this respect Rubek will always be different – and we continue to prove this as we still supply all parts for the first operators we built back in 1994 – not one other brand in Australia can state that – not one.

When security matters or quality won't be compromised or cheaper Running costs are demanded - choose Rubek Automatic Doors because being local counts.

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Arrivals Door


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