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Over a 24 month Period Rubek has completed all automatic door commissions for the new Perth Airport Terminal 1 expansion and redevelopment.


A project that started off as a redevelopment of the east end of T1 with Broad Construction soon flowed through to securing the complete new T1 expansion project at the west end with Built Environs. We are now completing the final automatic doors for the centre section redevelopment with Perkins Builders.

Initially we expected about 50 to 60 operators to be installed but as the project expanded and we were asked to provide more this quickly grew to 80 to 90 door operators.

With approximately 130 Rubek operators, Perth airport now has more locally made Rubek Automatic Door operators installed than any other brand by far. Operators at Perth Airport are tested hard every day and have to perform.


Domestic departures

Domestir arrivals

T1  International


T1 internal

We have two Rubek models installed throughout T1. Structural models are the predominant model because of their strength, needed to support and drive nearly 400kg's of glass in some cases.

Low Profile operators were used internally where head height proved limited and door weights permitted.

Many of the internal operators are ceiling mounted and for that we used our Structural model, again because of their strength and the fact that they will never need to be replaced for the life of the Terminal. Becasue of its thickness the structural operator housing adds strength to the entrance it occupies.


International arrivals

T1 facade

International departures
T1  facade

Security is a prime consideration for PAPL and with all external doors fitted with our 450W DC drive motor and locking systems no amount of force will move these doors. Even in a ram raid situation a Structural operator can be recommissioned and not need replacement.

Attention to detail is important. Many internal entrances are toilet and parenting rooms fitted with solid timber doors. We designed special stainless steel floor guides that when fitted are virtually unseen and can withstand this environment and, most importantly, allow for the movement of the wood with no binding as the wood settles.


T1 facade
T1 Domestic

T1 front drop-off

T1 front facade

If your next project needs strong door operators that are built to last and cheap to run then consider Perth Airport; High Security, Constant Operation 19 hours every day, Heavy Doors, Backed up Locally.

These Structural operators will allow the busy flow of people and will only require one to two simply services per year - a service that any maintenance personnel can perform.

Being over engineered and therefore inexpensive to run is a key factor many consider when chosing Rubek.

When Security matters or Quality won't be compromised - choose Rubek Automatic Doors. Being local counts.

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