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Project news - Berrington Aged Care (click on images for full size)

Rubek Automatic Doors is pleased to advise the successful completion of the automatic doors for the new Berrington Aged Care facility Como


A ninety nine bed highly finished facility completed in July 2017.

This 3 storey and basement facility is based upon 6 Bed modules grouped around the exterior and service core internally.

The design deliberately focuses on:

High standard of finishes to provide a “hotel feel” and appeal to a market able to contribute higher RAD’s.

Floor Plan efficiency. 

Economic construction utilising “column and slab” with light weight framing. This enabled a shorter building program than would otherwise be achieved via more traditional methods.


Berrington Como

Berrington Main Entrance


Architect : Gary Batt Architects
Builder : Pact Construction
Fabricator : Aluglaze
Project Value : $17.8 million
Door operators : Rubek Structural and Compact operators


Click here to download our drawing and specifications manual

With accommodation, healthcare and lifystyle all at one luxury location all aspects of this project needed to meet very high standards. The automatic sliding doors used do meet this standard and with Structural on main entrances and Compact on inner doors, will never need to be replaced for the life of the building.

Being over engineered is another key reason architects and specifiers choose Rubek. Our products are inexpensive to run and they last long-term. We expect them to last the life of the buildings they are installed in with minimal maintenance.

We believe too many companies today seem to make products to fail in a predefined time span, either by design, through build quality or simply non-availability of parts. This is costing end users unnecessary financial pain and disruption. In this respect Rubek will always be different – and we continue to prove this as we still supply all parts for the first operators we built back in 1994 – not one other brand in Australia can state that – not one.

Whether you want security, quality or cheaper Running costs - choose Rubek Automatic Doors because being local counts.

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Berrington Como


Please SHARE in your office to support WA made

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