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  • A LIFETIME warranty on any model Rubek automatic sliding door housing. And a standard 24 month parts 12 month labour warranty that we backup 24/7 365 days per year. Most others charge for calls in warranty that are after hours.
  • Rubek make the strongest door operator housings in Australia by far. No competitor will ever put our housings next to theirs in a client presentation as we do. Our housings are designed to last the life of the building.
  • Rubek design and build automatic sliding door operators to LAST LONG TERM.
  • The knowledge that all parts can be replaced in all models from the very first delivery in 1994.
  • No need for proprietary programmers for service so ANY service staff can maintain them. This helps end users keep costs down as end users are never locking to one service provider.
  • We have 3 models and we have never built in obsolescence as many others do causing endless problems with their spare parts and serviceability.
  • All models are fully Compliant to the ONLY legal requirement in Australia, the BCA/NCC.
  • Rubek door operators exceed Australian Standards.
  • Electronics all designed in Australia specifically for Australian conditions and regulatory requirements.
  • Immediate delivery from WA with no delays on projects. Can be on site on East Coast within 2 weeks.
  • Extra safety failsafe locking that cannot jamb in the event of emergency egress and safety back up and auto retry in the event of door obstruction.
  • No hidden additional charges down the track as there are with some other brands and no back-charging.
  • No lengthy delays with overseas imports or other interstate suppliers.
  • Free consultation on any aspect of automatic door design and installation. Free training for clients to look after their door operators themselves if they so wish.
  • Rubek designs for the long term to save our clients from unnecessary expensive replacements.
  • Proudly Australian made automatic sliding door operators.


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